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Holding events hosted by your organization allows you to market to interested constituents who want to be part of your mission. I will plan and manage your events from start to finish. It begins by determining a target clientele using LinkedIn, other social media platforms and research, as well as my work and connections with numerous local charities and social organizations. The goal is developing business leads at various interested organizations and securing monetary donations for your nonprofit purpose. For each event, I will plan the details, create a budget, coordinate services and develop event goals.


I will work to strengthen and rejuvenate your organization's social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn and other relevant platforms. Through strategic and targeted efforts, I will connect you with genuine prospects who can convert into sales and foster long-term business relationships. By leveraging the power of social media, I aim to enhance your online visibility and engagement, ultimately leading to increased sales opportunities and sustainable partnerships.



If you are looking to move your organization into the 21st century, you need a thoughtful strategy that will rely heavily on internet presence, bolstered by social media interaction focused on well-used networking channels. I have successfully used these channels in my past dealings with multiple organizations!

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I will create a targeted brand strategy to effectively convey your company's mission and goals. This strategy will help generate business leads from local and regional sources. Furthermore, I will optimize your website for meaningful visits and strategically enhance your brand through impactful LinkedIn and social media posts.


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